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Acupuncture Helpful for Miscarriages

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After suffering through two miscarriages, I realized we would need some help to have a successful pregnancy. After talking with a friend of mine she recommended acupuncture and gave me Lauren’s number. I had my doubts but once I started my visits, I realized it would benefit me to see it through. It became a welcome hour of my time. I enjoyed being able to chat with someone about life as well as relax and know that I was doing something good for my body. Lauren is easy to talk to and the environment of her office is welcoming and comfortable. I highly recommend her practice.
-Donna S.

When my husband and I decided to try for a family, I didn’t realize the journey we would both embark on. Luckily, Lauren was part of helping me on my journey to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. She not only helped me physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Having miscarriages and going down the IVF road was scary enough, but going to acupuncture every week gave me a chance to relax and decompress from the stress of trying to have a baby. I also knew it was helping my body prepare for the different stages of my cycle and IVF prep. Lauren is very sweet, smart, calming and knowledgeable in her field. I cannot thank her enough for supporting me through our IVF journey. She is part of the reason me and my husband were able to have a healthy baby boy!

Unfortunately, like so many other women, I suffered with infertility. In my case it was secondary as I got pregnant with my first child right away. I got pregnant with a second child right away as well but miscarried very early. My husband and I tried for a year after that to no avail. We turned to a fertility specialist for answers. After 4 IUI's, 2 IVF rounds and 2 more miscarriages, I had all but given up on giving my son a sibling. I had become sad and angry.

I had always heard people talk about acupuncture and how it could have positive effects on your fertility chances. At this point, I had 2 frozen eggs remaining. If this IVF didn't work, I would have to start all over again. Then I found Lauren. I changed everything from the way I ate to my way if thinking. I went to Lauren 2 times a week for 2 months before our last IVF. She is not only great at what she does but she is an amazing listener. I felt so comforted in her care. Acupuncture also provided me with such relaxation during such a trying time.

I am happy to say that after 3 years of heartache and trying and feeling so desperate, the last treatment worked. I have a beautiful baby girl. I know that Lauren is a huge part of our success. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who is dealing with the pain of infertility. Lauren is simply wonderful.
-Holly M.

After suffering two miscarriages in 2009 and 2010, my husband and I decided to look into acupuncture. As soon as I contacted Lauren, she was very warm and eager to help. During my first appointment she made me feel very comfortable and was very through with asking questions about my history. She explained all the "why's" to the treatments she would perform. We were also seeing a fertility specialist to figure out why we would miscarry. Lauren used the information the doctor provided us to create a treatment plan that would benefit my body. After tons of tests the doctors also found a tumor on my thyroid that needed to be removed sooner rather than later. This put a halt on trying to get pregnant. Lauren was very supportive not only through acupuncture but as an ear to listen. Once we were able to begin trying to get pregnant again, Lauren was always reassuring and positive during all of my sessions. 3 months later, we were pregnant. Lauren was a huge part of this pregnancy. She was always available and was very accommodating to my schedule. Her treatments promoted healthy blood flow, stress relief and allowed me to carry a healthy baby. This August we gave birth to a healthy baby boy! My husband and I will always be eternally grateful to Lauren for all of her help.
-Kerry C.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! My husband and I were not expecting to go through 3 IUIS, an IVF, Miscarriage and Frozen Embryo Transfer to conceive our first child. When you go through these treatments it’s very hard to find someone who truly understands. I am so beyond grateful I found you during my journey. You were amazing in all aspects and helped me in so many ways. You even taught me so many nutritional changes that I still use now! When I walked out of your office, I felt so relaxed and I think that is the most beneficial when a woman is going through fertility treatments. Every time I look at my little girl, I feel forever in debt to you and my doctors. Without you both I wouldn't have the perfect little girl I get to finally call my own. You were more than my acupuncturist you became my friend. So, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-Jen D.