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After trying a year on our own to conceive with no success our OBGYN advised us to see a fertility doctor. Our hopes of having a child were fading when we went through numerous procedures including laparoscopies, hysteroscopy, IUIs and IVF treatments during the course of 8 years. I tried everything possible to increase my chances of becoming pregnant, from Chinese herbs to acupuncture treatments. I researched an acupuncturist who specialized in infertility and came across Lauren Fortuna. I felt an immediate connection with Lauren. She was very kind, empathetic and truly understood my roller coaster ride of infertility. Going for acupuncture treatments was my time to relax and de-stress. Lauren always made me feel comfortable, starting our treatment with conversation on where I was in my cycle and what she would do to assist in the process. She also accommodated me on her own time when I needed to come in prior to egg retrievals and transfers. I am happy to say that after eight years of struggling to become pregnant, we didn’t lose hope. I believe that acupuncture treatments aided in my healthy pregnancy. In February we gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I cannot thank Lauren enough for her professionalism and compassion. She truly made a difference in this fertility journey.
-Jean G (44)

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over two years. At first, we tried naturally but after a year with no luck and me turning 38 we decided to try going to a fertility specialist. We spent a year going back and forth to doctor's appointments and trying different medications, but after 6 failed IUIs and a failed IVF attempt we felt it may be time for a change. We decided to change to a new fertility doctor and while waiting for our appointment I came across Lauren's website. I originally found her site while looking for an acupuncturist for my father. When I began reading the website, I saw that she did acupuncture for infertility and then began to read all the testimonials. I decided that my husband and I should give acupuncture a try, it certainly couldn't hurt. Lauren was very friendly and easy to talk to. I began acupuncture sessions with Lauren in May and began IVF treatments with a new doctor in July. After the treatments we had 5 good quality embryos and planned our FET for the end of January. This was obviously a very stressful time and Lauren was very easy to talk to and the acupuncture sessions gave me some time to just lie back and unwind. In February we found out that the procedure was a success and we were pregnant! It was a long road with many obstacles and Lauren was with me every step of the way. She helped to relieve some of the stress and also tried to help keep me on a healthy path for my little one. My daughter was born on September 23, 2016 and I don't know if she would be her without Lauren! We can't thank you enough!
-Lisa & Mike S.

My wife and I needed to go through IVF to get pregnant for obvious reasons. We didn't anticipate having fertility issues but being 34 and 38 years old made getting pregnant difficult. After 3 failed IVF attempts and doing research on my own on the benefits of using acupuncture, I reached out to Lauren Fortuna. Hesitant at first of what it would be like to receive acupuncture treatments, we were immediately put at ease by Lauren's professionalism and care to make me and my wife feel comfortable. We are excited to say that we have a 2 month old daughter and believe that Lauren's care was a major factor in our success. -Angela I decided to incorporate acupuncture into my infertility treatments when I read about the potential benefits. The acupuncture treatments that I received over an eight month period of time specifically targeted problem areas (eg. ovarian cyst, building up uterine lining), as well as complimenting the IVF treatment phases that I was undergoing (eg. helping with egg quality, and providing blood flow to the uterus for the embryo transfer). In addition to the medical benefits, treatments helped with the emotional stress of dealing with infertility, surgeries and injections. Lauren Fortuna always made herself available to me right before egg retrievals and following embryo transfers. She was readily available to offer both her expertise and support, which was so much needed and appreciated. She understood my emotional distress and was always patient and understanding. I thank acupuncture and Lauren for being a member of my infertility treatment team which helped me achieve a positive pregnancy test.
-A.H. (39)

At 38, I began trying to have my first baby. After trying for a while with no results, I went to Lauren and began acupuncture treatments. To my delight, I became pregnant shortly after that. Throughout my pregnancy, I continued with acupuncture to manage my queasiness & fatigue, and to just maintain my overall well being. Lauren's treatments left me relaxed and energized throughout my pregnancy. I now have a beautiful baby girl. After my daughter was born, my husband and I decided we should start trying for a second baby. I am happy to say that we will be welcoming our son to the family in just a few short weeks. I am sure that the treatments I had with Lauren helped to regulate my body, and made it much easier for the second pregnancy.
Thank you Lauren! -Tara F. (40)

I had struggled with fertility issues since 2001. My husband and I sought experts in the field and had numerous procedures over the years, including laparoscopies, hysteroscopy and IVF. Family planning was a painful, difficult and isolating experience for us. In 2006, we happily discovered we had conceived naturally. Our daughter was born in 2006. We began to try for a second child in 2007 and again found ourselves in the throes of infertility, this time receiving a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility". We couldn't believe we were dealing with this again and although we had a child we were still heartbroken and we became tossed into the world of medical procedures again. After more laparoscopies we tried IUI. Admittedly, I didn't feel hopeful because I was older and previous treatments of IVF years prior at big name hospitals failed. I began to seek alternative therapies and found Lauren. I inquired with my physician who stated that acupuncture showed some favorable studies, particularly if it is done the day before insemination and the day after. Lauren was very easy to speak to on the phone and made herself very available. Her office hours are accommodating and she quickly returns calls. The ambiance in her office was absolutely perfect, soft colors, relaxing music, perfect temperature. She was the utmost professional, obtaining a detailed history and describing what I could expect with acupuncture. After a few treatments with Lauren, in combination with my IUI schedule, I became pregnant! It's been amazing to me that I hadn't been able to become pregnant in my early thirties with aggressive treatments such as IVF, but I did become pregnant with a less invasive method and acupuncture at the age of 40.
-L.G. (40)

I am a 37 year old woman. I was trying to get pregnant for almost a year. Only to find myself disappointed month after month. I had read a lot of wonderful things about acupuncture and fertility. I said to myself why not give it a try before I have to resort to going to my obgyn and trying IVF treatment. I was living in Staten Island temporarily and came across Lauren's website. Long story short after two and half weeks and three treatments, I became pregnant for the first time in my life. I was completely shocked. I didn't believe it at first. I truly believe that the acupuncture helped release all the blockage that I may have had. I continued to see Lauren throughout my first trimester every week, just to help with my morning sickness. Not only is Lauren a wealth of knowledge when it comes to her profession, but she puts you at ease and is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I am now in my third trimester and I am so grateful for my miracle thanks to Lauren. Because of this experience I have become a lifelong advocate of acupuncture.
-Abi V.

I first learned about the benefits of acupuncture on fertility and pregnancy from the book "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis. I sought out acupuncture with Lauren Fortuna, as I had experienced 2 consecutive miscarriages, had just turned 40 and was hoping to conceive again. Lauren was extremely thorough in learning about my medical background and was very approachable and comforting from the get go. The acupuncture sessions were conducted in a professional manner, on time, and extremely relaxing in a tranquil setting. Emotionally, it was great to have a professional showing confidence in my chances of becoming pregnant, which was a contrast to the more conservative prognosis I had received from some doctors. It was helpful that Lauren offers flexible hours to accommodate my preference for weekend hours.
I soon became pregnant again and continued the acupuncture through the first trimester of the pregnancy and again at the 24 week point. Throughout my pregnancy Lauren regularly checked in with me to inquire about things were going. I'm now a few weeks away from welcoming our baby into the world, and I truly appreciate the role Lauren and her acupuncture services played. I encourage any women who has experienced miscarriage and infertility to consider acupuncture with Lauren Fortuna.
-Angela T. (40)