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Nicole O.
How can you put into words the pain and suffering of infertility? After seeing one doctor for 2 years and multiple attempts with medicines and procedures, I finally found Lauren. I have to admit, I was skeptical about acupuncture, but desperate times call for desperate measures! I researched a bit, and found Lauren, and I am so thankful I did. I spent over a year working with Lauren, we spent many sessions talking about what was happening with my treatments followed by a relaxing session of acupuncture, that allowed my tense mind to relax. During this time, I took a break from medication and treatment but continued the acupuncture because I truly loved it. When I decided to go for a second medical opinion, Lauren was supportive and helpful. I eventually did an In-Vitro treatment and with Lauren's help conceived! I am currently 8 and 1/2 months pregnant with a baby boy. Words can not express my gratitude to Lauren. She was caring, sensitive and accommodating during my time of need. I recommend her to anyone who is struggling with fertility issues. When the time comes for baby #2, you can be sure I will be back to see her again! Look no further- she will help you! Put your faith in her! I thank you Lauren with all of my heart!

Kelly Ajello
I just wanted to thank you for all your help in the process of helping us conceive our son. It was a difficult road going through many procedures with no success. And then you find yourself in a circle with many others who are going through the same issues and have had success, and you start to ask well what did they do that we have not. Well thank god for all those circles where you can share your stories and get great advise which led us to you. I feel that your skills in acupuncture really played a huge role in helping us accomplish our goal to bring a beautiful baby into this world. I am thankful for all you have done for us not only with the acupuncture but also with your compassionate ways with all our conversations through the whole process. You are truly a wonderful person and I look forward to seeing you again when we try for our second child.

Kerry C.
After suffering two miscarriages in 2009 and 2010, my husband and I decided to look into acupuncture. As soon as I contacted Lauren she was very warm and eager to help. During my first appointment she made me feel very comfortable and was very through with asking questions about my history. She explained all the "why's" to the treatments she would perform. We were also seeing a fertility specialist to figure out why we would miscarry. Lauren used the information the doctor provided us to create a treatment plan that would benefit my body. After tons of tests the doctors also found a tumor on my thyroid that needed to be removed sooner rather than later. This put a halt on trying to get pregnant. Lauren was very supportive not only through acupuncture but as an ear to listen. Once we were able to begin trying to get pregnant again, Lauren was always reassuring and positive during all of my sessions. 3 months later, we were pregnant. Lauren was a huge part of this pregnancy. She was always available and was very accommodating to my schedule. Her treatments promoted healthy blood flow, stress relief and allowed me to carry a healthy baby. This August we gave birth to a healthy baby boy! My husband and I will always be eternally grateful to Lauren for all of her help.

Lauren R.
I just wanted to send you my sincerest thanks for helping myself and my husband in our quest to get pregnant. When we turned to IVF after over a year of infertility, I wanted to try everything possible to make sure it worked!! I had read great things about acupuncture and decided to give it a try while going through the IVF cycle. The treatments were so relaxing and in my opinion were one of the biggest factors to our success. I am now 32 weeks pregnant with twin boys and am having an amazing, healthy pregnancy.Thank you for always working with my schedule, tailoring treatments to me, and always taking time to see what was going on in my life. I recommend you to anyone I know struggling with infertility!

Lisa S.
My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for 8 months and I know for some people that does not feel like a long time but to us it felt like an eternity. I was talking to a friend and she suggested going to acupuncture to help with my fertility. The only thing I knew about acupuncture was that they "stick pins in you". I was so wrong! Going to Lauren Fortuna was the best decision I ever made. Lauren took her time when she met with me. She sat down and really got to know you and what you were going through. The first time I ever met with Lauren I was extremely nervous. I didn't know what to expect. After I got there and I sat down with Lauren I was relaxed. I was so relaxed that once Lauren began I actually feel asleep and had a clear mind for the first time on months. I met with Lauren 5 more times. On the 5th time I had the pleasure to tell her that I was pregnant. It was so exciting to share this news with her. I can not express enough how much my husband and I appreciate everything Lauren did for us! Without her help, her support, and her expertise who knows if I would have my daughter Cayleigh today!!! THANK YOU LAUREN!!!!

Melissa C., S.I., New York:
I wanted to thank you for all of your help over the past year. I truly believe that acupuncture prepared my body to help me to conceive. After trying to conceive for almost a year I came across an article that said acupuncture was proven to be beneficial in people having difficulty conceiving. The article continued to say that studies had proven there was an increase in pregnancy in these couples after undergoing acupuncture treatments. At this time I didn't know much about acupuncture but if it could help me I was willing to give it a try. I went on to research acupuncture more and found many articles that said the same. Like most people when you first try something that you read about you think "it's not going to work for me", but only after a few treatments I found out that I had successfully conceived. I am convinced that acupuncture helped me conceive and I believe that continuing my treatments throughout pregnancy helped me to have a problem free 9 months! During and after my sessions with you my body and mind felt much more relaxed and at ease. I'm so happy that you were able to give me such a positive acupuncture experience. Feel free to share my success story with others so that they too can experience the benefits of acupuncture. Thank you again!

Donna L., Staten Island, New York:
I was going to Cornell University for Infertility treatments. My treatments consisted of taking clomid and having my eggs checked until they got to the right size. Once they did I would get an HCG shot. The first two months didn't work for me. On the third month I had gone to my Dr. at Cornell and my egg size wasn't ready. She told me to come back in two days. The day after I saw my doctor I went to Lauren and told her the situation and she gave me the acupuncture needles near my belly to help to s timulate the egg size and don't you know it the next day when I went back my eggs were at the right size! I got my shot and two weeks later I found out I was pregnant! There is no doubt in my mind, that the acupuncture played a significant role in my getting pregnant. I can't thank Lauren enough! She is great at what she does!

Laura H., S.I., New York:
By May of 2006, we had been trying for 15 months to get pregnant and had decided to pursue fertility treatments. After a multitude of testing, 3 intrauterine inseminations without medication and 3 intrauterine inseminations with medication that I had to inject into my own stomach, we found ourselves still not pregnant and a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. The only option we were provided was IVF. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, I do not have to explain what a lonely and desperate experience it is: what a tremendous stress it puts on a marriage and how invaded and violated you can feel discussing and pursuing your fertility with a specialist. When I heard that acupuncture could help with infertility, although slightly skeptic, I decided it was something I wanted to try before in-vitro. I was quickly transformed from skeptic to believer. Since I was 12, you could set your clock by my monthly cycle, it never varied. The first month Lauren worked with me, my cycle was 8 days shorter. The second month, I was pregnant. No surprise, Lauren became one of my favorite people on the planet. I continued seeing Lauren throughout my pregnancy and she was very supportive and encouraging throughout the process. If you're reading this, you are considering acupuncture for either infertility or another ailment. I am so grateful that I found acupuncture as an option to our infertility. Lauren will forever be in our hearts as the person that made it possible for us to begin our family. I can't encourage you more to give her a chance to do the same for you.

Michelle C. S.I., New York:
From the very beginning, I always had irregular periods and was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. I was told by one physician that it would be very difficult for me to ever conceive. I lived with this in my mind for many years and when I got married at the age of 34, my husband and I started trying to conceive right away. When nothing happened we tried clomid and got pregnant only to see it end in an early miscarriage. Heartbroken I sought out the advice of a fertility specialist and after multiple intrauterine inseminations we still were not pregnant. We made the decision to take a break from treatments and then move on to IVF after a couple of months. During this break, I decided to look into acupuncture. I had read articles which talked about how acupuncture could help with fertility and how it can increase success rates of IVF. I decided to try acupuncture prior to taking any more medication or undergoing any further procedures. I also hoped that it would help to alleviate the stress that infertility can cause not only physically but emotionally as well, and it did that for me. I actually conceived after just 2 months of seeing Lauren - no meds, no procedures. Unfortunately it ended in another miscarriage but it made me very hopeful that my body could conceive again and I would become a mother one day with the help of acupuncture. We moved onto IVF after a couple of months and I continued to see Lauren during my IVF cycle. Well, we were successful on that very first cycle and I am writing this now after just having put my 7 week old daughter to bed. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Lauren for all of her help and compassion during my journey. She always made herself available to me whenever I needed her and continued to be of great assistance during my pregnancy when I was plagued by migraines. She will always hold a special place in my heart.

Regina H., Staten Island, New York:
Hi Lauren, I am truly and extremely grateful to you for helping my family. I truly believe that our daughter Libby is here because of you. I will ever be indebted to you. Before I was referred to Lauren, I had suffered two spontaneous miscarriages at 10 weeks. After my second miscarriage, I was concerned about my chances of having my second child, which we desperately wanted. However, my specialist was not alarmed because I had successfully had a baby (a seven year old), which I carried to term. Nonetheless, I was worried because I had always suffered with severe menstruation pains, as well as heavy and long periods. With recommendation and referral, I began my Acupuncture treatment with Lauren in May of 2009. My first observation after the treatment was that the menstruation pains vanished after approximately 2 treatments. In addition, I observed that my periods had regulated- becoming less heavy and less lengthy, and no more clotting. The changes were amazing and my sleeping patterns changed for the better. I could fall asleep more easily. After continuous treatment, my husband and I decided to get pregnant in the Fall and our dreams were realized immediately. I faithfully continued treatment with Lauren while I was also monitored by my OBGYN. However, due to my repeated miscarriages, I was referred to a high-risk OBGYN in my 10th week of pregnancy. I then underwent several tests and it was revealed to me that my blood clots very easily, which could have caused my miscarriages. Also, I was informed that I was anemic. Afterwards, I was closely monitored not only by my OBGYN, but also monitored by the high-risk OBGYN specialist and a hematologist. Nonetheless, I was informed that the dangerous stage for my pregnancy due to the blood condition was in the 7-10 week period. Therefore, I believe that if I was not receiving acupuncture treatment, I could have lost my baby because I found out about the condition after the dangerous period for miscarriage to occur. Lauren, my family is thankful to you. I appreciated the welcoming, caring, warm and cheerful environment that you provided to me. Without you, Libby would have never been, I truly believe that. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

L.G. (Age 40) Staten Island, New York:
I had struggled with fertility issues since 2001. My husband and I sought experts in the field and had numerous procedures over the years, including laparoscopies, hysteroscopy and IVF. Family planning was a painful, difficult and isolating experience for us. In 2006, we happily discovered we had conceived naturally. Our daughter was born in 2006. We began to try for a second child in 2007 and again found ourselves in the throes of infertility, this time receiving a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility". We couldn't believe we were dealing with this again and although we had a child we were still heartbroken and we became tossed into the world of medical procedures again. After more laparoscopies we tried IUI. Admittedly, I didn't feel hopeful because I was older and previous treatments of IVF years prior at big name hospitals failed. I began to seek alternative therapies and found Lauren. I inquired with my physician who stated that acupuncture showed some favorable studies, particularly if it is done the day before insemination and the day after. Lauren was very easy to speak to on the phone and made herself very available. Her office hours are accommodating and she quickly returns calls. The ambiance in her office was absolutely perfect, soft colors, relaxing music, perfect temperature. She was the utmost professional, obtaining a detailed history and describing what I could expect with acupuncture. After a few treatments with Lauren, in combination with my IUI schedule, I became pregnant! It's been amazing to me that I hadn't been able to become pregnant in my early thirties with aggressive treatments such as IVF, but I did become pregnant with a less invasive method and acupuncture at the age of 40.

A.H. (Age 39), Staten Island, New York:
I decided to incorporate acupuncture into my infertility treatments when I read about the potential benefits. The acupuncture treatments that I received over an eight month period of time specifically targeted problem areas (eg. ovarian cyst, building up uterine lining), as well as complimenting the IVF treatment phases that I was undergoing (eg. helping with egg quality, and providing blood flow to the uterus for the embryo transfer). In addition to the medical benefits, treatments helped with the emotional stress of dealing with infertility, surgeries and injections. Lauren Fortuna always made herself available to me right before egg retrievals and following embryo transfers. She was readily available to offer both her expertise and support, which was so much needed and appreciated. She understood my emotional distress and was always patient and understanding. I thank acupuncture and Lauren for being a member of my infertility treatment team which helped me achieve a positive pregnancy test.

Tara F., (Age 40) Staten Island, New York:
At 38, I began trying to have my first baby. After trying for a while with no results, I went to Lauren and began acupuncture treatments. To my delight, I became pregnant shortly after that. Throughout my pregnancy, I continued with acupuncture to manage my queasiness & fatigue, and to just maintain my overall well being. Lauren's treatments left me relaxed and energized throughout my pregnancy. I now have a beautiful baby girl. After my daughter was born, my husband and I decided we should start trying for a second baby. I am happy to say that we will be welcoming our son to the family in just a few short weeks. I am sure that the treatments I had with Lauren helped to regulate my body, and made it much easier for the second pregnancy. Thank you Lauren!

Christy C.
I started working with Lauren about 3 years ago. I was nervous and unsure of how Acupuncture worked, and was afraid of needles (even though I had been giving myself daily injections for InVitro at the time). I found Fortuna Acupuncture while searching online and noticed she was part of the American Pregnancy Association. I decided it was time for a try. I had just started my first round of IVF and had no idea what I was in store for and was so nervous. When I first spoke to Lauren on the phone, talking to her was like talking to someone I had known for years. Lauren's demeanor and caring personality made me feel incredibly comfortable. At my first visit she was just lovely and calming, which made me feel so much more at ease. Aside from her amazing bed side manner she is great at what she does. She took the time to sit with me and go over my entire history (in regards to fertility), explaining Acupuncture to me in general and in regards to my specific situation and calm my fears that it does not utilize "scary needles". My first session was great, as were the rest to follow. I continued to see Lauren regularly through my pregnancy to help address any issues that came up and to keep me feeling well throughout.

Lauren has a genuine caring way about her. It is clear she loves what she does and truly wants to help her clients attain their goals (as in my case), or in other cases help them to feel better. I consider Lauren a friend and not just my Acupuncturist.

Holly M.
Unfortunately, like so many other women, I suffered with infertility. In my case it was secondary as I got pregnant with my first child right away. I got pregnant with a second child right away as well but miscarried very early. My husband and I tried for a year after that to no avail. We turned to a fertility specialist for answers.

After 4 IUI's, 2 IVF rounds and 2 more miscarriages, I had all but given up on giving my son a sibling. I had become sad and angry.

I had always heard people talk about acupuncture and how it could have positive effects on your fertility chances. At this point, I had 2 frozen eggs remaining. If this IVF didn't work, I would have to start all over again. Then I found Lauren.

I changed everything from the way I ate to my way if thinking. I went to Lauren 2 times a week for 2 months before our last IVF. She is not only great at what she does but she is an amazing listener. I felt so comforted in her care. Acupuncture also provided me with such relaxation during such a trying time.

I am happy to say that after 3 years of heartache and trying and feeling so desperate, the last treatment worked. I have a beautiful baby girl. I know that Lauren is a huge part of our success. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who is dealing with the pain of infertility. Lauren is simply wonderful.

Angela T.
I first learned about the benefits of acupuncture on fertility and pregnancy from the book "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis. I sought out acupuncture with Lauren Fortuna, as I had experienced 2 consecutive miscarriages, had just turned 40 and was hoping to conceive again.

Lauren was extremely thorough in learning about my medical background and was very approachable and comforting from the get go.

The acupuncture sessions were conducted in a professional manner, on time, and extremely relaxing in a tranquil setting. Emotionally, it was great to have a professional showing confidence in my chances of becoming pregnant, which was a contrast to the more conservative prognosis I had received from some doctors. It was helpful that Lauren offers flexible hours to accommodate my preference for weekend hours.

I soon became pregnant again and continued the acupuncture through the first trimester of the pregnancy and again at the 24 week point. Throughout my pregnancy Lauren regularly checked in with me to inquire about things were going.

I'm now a few weeks away from welcoming our baby into the world, and I truly appreciate the role Lauren and her acupuncture services played.

I encourage any women who has experienced miscarriage and infertility to consider acupuncture with Lauren Fortuna.

Jessica S.
After trying to conceive unsuccessfully for several months, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I originally went to an acupuncturist in the city but I did not feel like I had a good rapport with him at all, which is obviously important when you're trying to relax. I decided to see Lauren after reading positive reviews on-line and I am so glad I did. Lauren is warm, accommodating and she addressed all of my concerns. In less than two months, I successfully conceived my second child and am now 32 weeks along. I know that she helped make this happen. I continued to see her throughout my first trimester and she still checks in on me regularly to make sure that my pregnancy continues to go well. If you're looking for an acupuncturist, I very highly recommend her!

I want to thank Lauren for her professionalism and knowledge of acupuncture and the affects it has on pregnancy. I was trying to conceive for three years and used fertility treatments during this time. After several attempts of medical use I was frustrated and tired of the disappointment.

I decided to just let it go and try something new on my body. I mentally began to except whatever God had for me and my husband. I researched acupuncture in Staten Island and found Lauren. I made my first appointment five months, after a failed attempt of IVF. I didn't have many sessions of acupuncture, but to my surprise became pregnant. On March 1st, the day before my birthday I found out I was expecting. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and will be having a baby girl in eight weeks. If you are considering acupuncture, I would absolutely recommend trying this natural process and giving Lauren Fortuna a chance to help you. Lauren is a sweet women who goes above and beyond to make you feel relaxed and at peace. Good luck to all you ladies who are trying to conceive. My advice to all women is to just take it easy, stay relaxed and allow your body to its job.

After over a year of trying to get pregnant, and multiple failed IUIs and surgery - I opted for IVF. As I started my journey on IVF, all of my research pointed me in the direction of acupuncture, and how beneficial it is to the process. From blood flow, to producing more eggs, and just calming you DOWN when you feel like your life is spiraling out of control.

My time with Lauren was spent on both regular acupuncture tactics, but also as a time for me to vent/talk and be open about what I was going through. I looked forward to our sessions just to have an ear to listen to me, and help me through my process.

During my egg retrieval, I can confidently say that going to acupuncture twice a week, increased my blood flow - and number of eggs I produced. One day I was at 10 eggs, and then miraculously they found 19 eggs! It also helped relax me, as each session I would go in, and nearly fall asleep as I decompressed from all the stress that infertility caused.

I have recommended Lauren to others going through this journey, and will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of a solid acupuncturist who specializes in fertility.

I am currently 7 months pregnant with boy/girl twins - and could not be happier!

Lisa and Mike Simoncini
My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over two years. At first we tried naturally but after a year with no luck and me turning 38 we decided to try going to a fertility specialist. We spent a year going back and forth to doctor's appointments and trying different medications, but after 6 failed IUIs and a failed IVF attempt we felt it may be time for a change. We decided to change to a new fertility doctor and while waiting for our appointment I came across Lauren's website. I originally found her site while looking for an acupuncturist for my father. When I began reading the website I saw that she did acupuncture for infertility and then began to read all the testimonials. I decided that my husband and I should give acupuncture a try, it certainly couldn't hurt.

Lauren was very friendly and easy to talk to. I began acupuncture sessions with Lauren in May and began IVF treatments with a new doctor in July. After the treatments we had 5 good quality embryos and planned our FET for the end of January. This was obviously a very stressful time and Lauren was very easy to talk to and the acupuncture sessions gave me some time to just lie back and unwind. In February we found out that the procedure was a success and we were pregnant! It was a long road with many obstacles and Lauren was with me every step of the way. She helped to relieve some of the stress and also tried to help keep me on a healthy path for my little one. My daughter was born on September 23, 2016 and I don't know if she would be her without Lauren!

We can't thank you enough!

After having several viral infections, pneumonia, and a miscarriage all within a few months, I knew I needed to do something to get my health in check. I was so thankful that I found Lauren! I never had acupuncture before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but Lauren was professional, friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. I was surprised that acupuncture didn't hurt at all, but was extremely relaxing! I am happy to say that I became pregnant and have had a very healthy pregnancy. I highly recommend acupuncture with Lauren!

Jen D.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! My husband and I were not expecting to go through 3 IUIS, an IVF, Miscarriage and Frozen Embryo Transfer to conceive our first child. When you go through these treatments it’s very hard to find someone who truly understands. I am so beyond grateful I found you during my journey. You were amazing in all aspects and helped me in so many ways. You even taught me so many nutritional changes that I still use now! When I walked out of your office I felt so relaxed and I think that is the most beneficial when a woman is going through fertility treatments. Every time I look at my little girl I feel forever in debt to you and my doctors. Without you both I wouldn't have the perfect little girl I get to finally call my own. You were more than my acupuncturist you became my friend. So, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jean G. 44

After trying a year on our own to conceive with no success our OBGYN advised us to see a fertility doctor. Our hopes of having a child were fading when we went through numerous procedures including laparoscopies, hysteroscopy, IUIs and IVF treatments during the course of 8 years. I tried everything possible to increase my chances of becoming pregnant, from Chinese herbs to acupuncture treatments. I researched an acupuncturist who specialized in infertility and came across Lauren Fortuna. I felt an immediate connection with Lauren. She was very kind, empathetic and truly understood my roller coaster ride of infertility.

Going for acupuncture treatments was my time to relax and destress. Lauren always made me feel comfortable, starting our treatment with conversation on where I was in my cycle and what she would do to assist in the process. She also accommodated me on her own time when I needed to come in prior to egg retrievals and transfers.

I am happy to say that after eight years of struggling to become pregnant, we didn’t lose hope. I believe that acupuncture treatments aided in my healthy pregnancy. In February we gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I cannot thank Lauren enough for her professionalism and compassion. She truly made a difference in this fertility journey.

After a year of unsuccessful attempts and failed IUIs, my husband and I decided to try IVF. To increase our chances at conceiving, I continued to receive acupuncture with Lauren through the process. Lauren is warm and a knowledgeable professional. She offered me positive support I needed. After one IVF treatment, we found out we were expecting! I continued to work with her for relaxation throughout my pregnancy. We welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into the world just a few weeks ago. I am so grateful for the support that Lauren provided me along the way. I would recommend Lauren to anyone struggling with fertility issues.

P.S.- After some time, I started sessions again and pregnant with Baby #2!

Pain Management

Allison C, Staten Island, New York:
I was only vaguely familiar with acupuncture before I met Lauren--and skeptical. I had seen some footage on a television program, and the fact needles were involved left me uneasy. Lauren, on the other hand, made me feel entirely the opposite, so, I decided to give it a try. If it was too painful, I wouldn't go through with it; and if it didn't have any positive aftermath I'd have lost nothing. Lauren first did an intake interview to see what she could help me with, mostly bronchial and lung related things, and she then proceeded with the actual acupuncture. Not even a few small pinches later, and they were in. The atmosphere was already relaxed so all I had to so was just be. She checked on me throughout the duration of the process, and before I knew it, it was over. I felt great: relaxed, warm and fuzzy. Not to mention my breathing felt looser. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Lee P., Staten Island, New York:
The best thing I could have done for myself was to go see Lauren. I woke up on one of the worst days; I had massive neck pains! I stayed in bed all day with a neck massager that gave me "rug burn." I thought, well, this will go away by tomorrow because I just slept wrong. But it didn't. When seeing Lauren you not only get acupuncture, but also a complete intake to get to know your medical/health history, and how you are feeling on a daily basis. After the interview, I then had the pleasure of having all my senses relaxed so "Lauren?s magic" can work. Soft music played and the room was dimly lit with candles as I relaxed during the session. After an acupuncture treatment she did a procedure called cupping (Cupping is a method of applying acupressure by creating a vacuum next to the patient's skin. The therapy is used to relieve what is called "stagnation" in TCM terms, and is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as the common cold & bronchitis. It is also used to treat back, neck, shoulder, and other musculoskeletal pain. ) It feels like a reversed massage. I felt my muscles being pulled up instead of pushed down. I felt like she was trying to bring the blood to the muscle and it was great! I noticed a difference after the first treatment! Lauren helped my cranky days turn into a wonderful experience. Thanks Lauren!

Sherri L., Jersey City, New Jersey:
I went to Lauren Fortuna for acupuncture treatment after feeling fatigued for several months. Having never tried acupuncture before, I was a little nervous about it. Lauren quickly put me at ease during the patient interview, and I felt comfortable once I laid down on the table for the procedure. Lauren explained to me why she was applying needles to certain acupuncture points, so I understood the nature of the session. The most wonderful part of the treatment was the application of indirect moxibustion; the warmth of the moxa and the scent of mugwort were so therapeutic. After the treatment was over, I felt energized yet relaxed, as opposed to anxious and fatigued as I had been feeling for months beforehand. The sensation carried over for a few days afterwards. I highly recommend Lauren Fortuna, especially for those new to acupuncture.

Adam G., Staten Island, New York:
I had been suffering through weeks of brutal pain in my feet, calves and lower back when I decided something had to be done! I saw a chiropractor first (which actually made it worse), and then a friend recommended acupuncture. I was lucky enough to be given Lauren's name when I started looking for references. After the very first session I was confident that Lauren would be able to get me back on my feet again...literally. It took several weeks of her patience and attention to my individual sensitivity/needs to gradually make the pain less frequent and eventually disappear. I can't thank Lauren enough for giving me back my mobility and peace of mind.

Susan L., Staten Island, New York:
Thank you for your wonderful work to help alleviate my neck, right shoulder and right arm pain. As you know I went to a chiropractic neurologist for2 months and then to physical therapy with absolutely no relief from my constant unbearable pain. In only 4 visits with you I am beginning to feel like my old self again and I owe it all to you and your fantastic work in the art of Acupuncture. Lauren, every morning I say some prayers and then I tell "God" what I am grateful for today. You are on the top of my list. I have already referred you to 2 people! Thank you so much for giving me back my smile.

Alexis V., Staten Island, New York:
I have suffered with vestibular migraines and anxiety attacks for the past 12 years. Since receiving acupuncture treatments over the last few months from Lauren, my migraine severity and frequency has reduced greatly. It has been a great relief to not have to take Advil daily. Lauren also provided me with the cupping procedure which completely loosens the muscles of my shoulders, back and neck. This procedure has aided me in helping reduce the painful and debilitating headaches by reducing the tightness in those areas ( a contributing factor in migraine sufferers). The procedure also has helped with my stress. Lauren has also been able to help me reduce the frequency of my anxiety attacks through treatments. She provides a comfortable and relaxed environment and always explains what points she is addressing for the acupuncture session. Lauren is professional, kind and truly cares for patients.

Pat, Staten Island, New York:
Dear Lauren,

I want to thank you for the relief you have given me with pain management. I have been an arthritic for many years and have tried almost every form of pain management known. After being treated by you , I will sing your praises wherever I go. Feel free to use my testimonial. I recently had hip replacement surgery and was feeling great relief. However, after several months of Physical Therapy, I developed bursitis in the new hip. The pain was becoming unbearable, and after being prescribed anti inflammatory medication, weeks later, still no relief. I returned to Lauren, who helped me years earlier, and after the second visit, I had no more pain. GONE! Gentle, caring and knowledgeable, I highly recommend her service to anyone suffering any kind of pain. I am able to live the life I enjoy so much. I love to garden and enjoy six grandchildren. I can continue to do so with Lauren's help.

E.K., Staen Island, New York:
I have suffered with chronic back pain for nearly 8 years. A friend referred me to Lauren and I'm happy to say that after a series of visits my back pain improved, reducing its frequency and intensity. Acupuncture is certainly worth a try! Thank You!

Kerri O. Staten Island, New York:
Hello Lauren, Hope you are doing well! I do miss you and the treatments. When I came to you I had 4 buldging disc and was in constant pain. On a scale from 1 to 10 I was a 8. I just want everyone to know that after my treatment with Lauren I walked out of the office with a 3, and it helped so much! I have also done the Chiropracter and I walked out in a 7 and it's just not the same! I've told everyone and will continue to brag about my experience with Lauren and the treatment she gave me! She is GREAT and very welcoming and I recommend everyone to try her if you are in any pain she can help!! Miss you Lauren and I'm coming back anyday!

Q & A Feedback From Patients:

It is important for me to gather as much feedback and comments from my patients on their experience, how they felt after their sessions, and to see how Acupuncture is working for them. Here is a sample of some of the questions and answers from my patients. I hope their responses will help reassure new patients that they have come to the right place for their healthcare needs, and that Acupuncture can work for them too.

  1. What were the conditions that brought you to seek care with me?
  2. What have your improvements been and how have they contributed to the quality of your life?
  3. Would you feel comfortable referring friends or family members to Lauren Fortuna?
  4. What is your overall level of satisfaction with Lauren Fortuna?

Stacey L., S.I.., N.Y.:

  1. Having fertility problems after having a successful pregnancy.
  2. I'm currently 5 1/2 months pregnant with my second child, another son
  4. On a scale of 1-10, 11

A.G., S.I.., N.Y.:

  1. I had tendonitis in my hands (thumbs) and didn't want to keep taking medicine. I was in pain and very depressed about how it was effecting my life.
  2. With a combination of acupuncture and aspercreme I am pain free. I plan to come back for acupuncture in the future when my schedule allows.
  3. Definitely. It was a wonderful experience and I tell everyone they should give it a try. It is so good for your total well-being. She made me feel very comfortable and I enjoyed talking to her.
  4. A 10. She was a caring and skilled individual who made the experience very enjoyable and relaxing.

Eric K, S.I.., N.Y. :

  1. Lower back pain, discomfort
  2. Significantly reduced pain/discomfort
  3. Yes
  4. 100%
  5. I was more than happy with the treatment. The hot stone treatment on my last visit was a nice addition. All things considered I was very happy with the results. And I will be back again. Thanks.

D.S., S.I.., N.Y. :

  1. Body pain; sciatica
  2. After the treatments, I feel I have more mobility and less pain.
  3. I have already referred people.
  4. Extremely high; very professional; very personable; very caring.

D.S., S.I.., N.Y. :

  1. Body pain; sciatica
  2. After the treatments, I feel I have more mobility and less pain.
  3. I have already referred people.
  4. Extremely high; very professional; very personable; very caring.

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