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Acupuncture Experiences & Reviews

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Pregnancy Reviews
Lauren's clients talk about their experiences using acupuncture to support a healthy pregnancy and resolve related issues.

Miscarriage Issues
Reviews about how acupuncture has been helpful in resolving problems causing recurring miscarriages, resulting in healthy pregnancies.

IVF & Pregnancy Reviews
Acupuncture supports successful procedures for infertility, including IVF, IUI, frozen embryos, etc.

Over 35 First Pregnancy
Women over 35 (unhappily called geriatric pregnancy by doctors) can successfully have a healthy pregnancy.

Pain Management Reviews
These patients talk about how acupuncture helped in pain management.

Patient Q & A Feedback
Read client responses to these questions:
What were the conditions that brought you to seek care with me?
What have your improvements been and how have they contributed to the quality of your life?
Would you feel comfortable referring friends or family members to Lauren Fortuna?
What is your overall level of satisfaction with Lauren Fortuna?